April 26, 2011

Little surprise!

Mother's day is getting closer so why not show our love with a little and inexpensive surprise.

(Oat meal soap with vanilla smell: good for every skin type, has lots of vitamins.)

 (Coconut soap: it prevents infections and helps balance the PH in the skin)

 (Rose soap: good aromatherapy, perfect when having a bad day)

If you are interested in any of the soap mention above or need something else just contact me at: n_santini@hotmail.com. Hope you enjoy!

April 18, 2011


Hey guys!! I just made this blog to show you all the things i do with soap. I will be posting pictures,  writing about all the benefits of the ingredients, making contests, and of course i will put a link soon were everyone is going to be able to buy them.

Be sure to check the page often because i will be making a contest soon. Thanks to everyone for the support. :D